We offer Girl Scout, Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs to help earn and work toward badges. We also welcome the 4-H Club, whose mission is to assist youth in acquiring knowledge, developing life skills and forming attitudes which will enable them to become self directing, productive and contributing members of society.

Here at Tara Farm, we have programs specifically designed to achieve their goals, as well as build relationships between the next-generation of riders and these beautiful animals that call our farm home.

About Horse Adoption

Some people don’t fully realize what really goes into caring for a horse. At Tara Farm, we will teach you what is involved with horse ownership and challenges that may occur (moving houses, for example). For a summary of these and other issues, please read: Before You Get A Horse and other related topics:



In 2006, more than 100,000 unwanted horses were killed in slaughterhouses in this country. Thousands more were shipped across the border to be slaughtered in Canada and Mexico.

Every day horse rescue groups across the country are bombarded with calls and emails from people who can no longer keep their horses and hope to surrender them to the rescue groups. Most of these groups are full and have to turn animals away. No one knows how many of these unwanted horses end up becoming a slaughter statistic, or are left to die slowly of neglect in some distant pasture.

There were 9.2 million horses in the United States, based on a report prepared for the American Horse Council in 2005. According to the study, there are 2 million horse owners in the U.S. and 238,000 of them are actively involved in breeding their horses. Even as we struggle with the fate of thousands of unwanted horses, the population continues to rapidly grow.